Home Improvements, Get Your Permits

If you are contemplating some home improvements in the near future, you are well advised to check with the town office before you spend any time or money on the planned project. Failing to get the proper permits and/or inspections as required, could end up costing you much more in the long run.

The finishing or renovating of a basement is a common improvement undertaken by many homeowners in our area. After all, most new homes do not include a finished basement, unless you have negotiated and specified such with the builder at the time of purchase and construction. These projects often involve the addition of electrical, plumbing, drywall and other features such as, a gas fireplace or wood stove, which may call for inspections at different stages of completion. In many cases, you will also require a final inspection and occupation permit when the job is done.

Safety aside, when you buy your next home, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing the improvements were done to code and have been inspected by the appropriate experts, and not done in a hap-hazard manner by someone flying by the seat of their pants?

The potential cost of not getting your permits and inspections could present itself at any time, and you could be forced to disassemble the project for inspections or, in some cases, remove the improvement completely. Even if the renovation goes unnoticed by the town, the lack of permits and inspections could return to haunt you later when you try and sell your home. Often you will be asked for proof of the required building permits, occupancy permits, and inspection documents as a condition of sale.

Fences, decks, asphalt driveways, pools and other improvements also require permits and blessings of the town before you proceed.

Check out the article from the Globe and Mail on this subject:


Here are some helpful links and numbers:

Wasaga Beach Planning Department: (705) 429-3847 [email protected]

Wasaga Beach Building Department: (705) 429-1120 [email protected]